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You love what you do. You want to keep doing it forever (or at least for a very long time.) But you’re stuck in the day to day craziness and you need someone who’s been there – an expert with experience.

You want someone who will help you prioritize your tasks, cheer you on, hold you accountable and help you understand how to run your business (profit margins, anyone?) after it’s up and running, because no one out there teaches this stuff.

Except me. 

You’ve got a great tiny business, but you’re getting stuck in the overwhelm of urgent day-to-day tasks. Business is slowing down because what worked in the first year or two isn’t working anymore and your big goals are sitting so far on the horizon you can hardly see them anymore.

When you started, there was a ton of information out there for your brand-new business, but there’s none for where you are right now.

You want in-depth and tangible business expertise. You want a cheerleader who will hold you accountable and help you get back on track to realizing your big goals. You want expert advice and education, tailored to your tiny business, from someone who’s been there. 

You’re in the right place, because I’m going to help you re-focus on your goals, create an accountability and action plan to achieve them and teach you the things you really need to know to grow your tiny business.

You’ll finally be able to create the business you’ve been dreaming about – your way, on your terms: Keeping it tiny, AND making it financially successful.

You’ve been running your business for a while now and at some point along the road of being a tiny business owner, you’ve probably been told:
  • In order to have a successful business you need to hire more people: Scale big and scale fast!

  • You have to have a solid business plan.

  • You should hire a business coach or take an online business class (or five).


You don’t have to do all of those things, in fact, you shouldn’t do any of those things.

You don’t need to scale big or fast, you want a tiny business! Business plans are for businesses who want investors, you need a marketing plan, because you’re in the business of making money and staying tiny. You don’t need a business coach, you need a business expert, someone who’s been in your shoes and understands the make-or-break details of running a successful tiny business.


You want one-on-one, personalized and expert advice for your business. You’re ready to dive deep and have someone in your back pocket who’s got the experience and know-how to get you where you want to go.

You’re ready to work with a business educator (not a business coach): Someone who will teach you the nuts and bolts of how to run your tiny business and grow it, while keeping you focused on your big goals and on doing the part of your business you’re really good at – the part you love.


  • Keep doing what you love and what you’re good at, without the overwhelm and advice (like creating a business plan or scaling fast) that’s not for tiny business owners.

  • Add revenue streams or develop new products that fit with what you’re already doing.

  • Develop a marketing plan, not a business plan.

  • Understand how to use technology to grow your business and not get overwhelmed while doing it.

  • Put into action practices that will help you grow your business and stay sane, from time management, to finance, to mindset and productivity.

  • Get your tiny business thriving, the way you always imagined it would be.

let's work together!

You are welcome to book a single session to help you solve a problem you are having, ask questions and get business advice. Or we can work together every other week to get you on track, provide accountability and get you the business you really want. 

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