10 Deep thoughts from the past week

Animal Bar Bracelets in production

1.  Two hours into a show on a Saturday, acting on the thought: “I should see if there’s still a spot in tomorrows S Congress market” is not advisable.  You will curse loudly when the alarm goes off early Sunday morning.

2.  Crawfish are yummy.

3.  Ford was really onto something with the time-saving aspects of assembly-line production.

4. My designs have now been known to excite someone so much that they spill their drink all over themselves.  Awesome…

5.  Printers designed for small businesses are in fact really useful to small business owners.

6.  Sarcasm and satire are not always “gotten” until people know you better.

7.  Always trust your gut.

8.  You never know the role a stranger may play in your life when you first meet them. (we’re talking fortune cookie wisdom here!)

9.  Girls nights are essential to sanity.

10.  The salsa that you buy in a bag in the produce section of the HEB is Ah-mazing!!! Aka…don’t judge a book by its cover.

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