10 Deep thoughts from the past week

Manic Trout Jewelry on deck at a photo shoot

1. Waiting for photos following a photo shoot featuring your jewelry is both incredibly hard and incredibly exciting!

2. Perhaps there is such a thing as too much watermelon.

3. You can accomplish all you need to see and do at a party in 15 minutes.

4. Shaved ice doesn’t really work outside in 100-degree heat.

5. When is it time to retire a belly button piercing?  After 17 years I see no end in sight…is 35 too old?

6. The creative mind needs to recuperate between huge bursts…and will basically shut down if you don’t allow it to.

7. Change is good…but is change addictive?

8. It takes at least two days to recover from an outdoor show in the Austin summer heat (and it’s not even summer yet)

9. When you work from home, you may wear “outfits” that would raise a questionable eyebrow from unexpected guests.  I may have been wearing 6 shades of pink in one “ensemble” on Sunday.

10. In the South, it seems people play outside in what would be spring and fall if there were seasons.  I think people stay indoors more in Texas during July and August than they do during January and February in NY!

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  1. Mom

    #5 the appropriate time for retiring a belly button is directly related to the condition of said belly. You are ok…

    #9 I’m glad to see you are still playing dress up

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