10 Deep thoughts from the past week


1. If you work until 4 in the morning and push yourself to the breaking point, you’ll get the flu going around.

2. Callouses are just blisters with a hard shell.

3. When taking sinus medication and excess caffeine, perhaps a drill should be considered heavy machinery.

4. If your car has two flat tires and you are not in it, chances are high that it will be impounded if the cops beat your tow truck to it.

5. It’s oddly hard to find a wedding venue for a wedding that’s not too little, not too big, but juuuuussssst right in size…which is 40 and as far as venues go, a sort of weird size.

6. The contents of cupboards look insanely deceivingly less than when you empty them out onto every surface in your home.

7. Snoring trumps Nyquil.

8. Faye plays sick when I’m sick.

9. I am not a stress eater.  I always wondered that…but no, when stressed I actually forget to eat, which is much worse, because then I’m stressed AND cranky.

10. If the person you share your home with has the flu, you’ll get the flu.

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  1. Amen to #2. And all of them. Can’t wait for this weekend!!!!!

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