10 Deep thoughts from the past week

How did I miss a week??? I blame it on all of the family that was visiting the past few weeks, I was having too much fun to post!

Shadow Puppets

1. Oysters and other seafood are pretty much air to my stomach, it takes an insane amount to fill me up…nom nom nom.

2. Moving to the South from the Northeast makes the lack of seasons insanely confusing to your internal clock.  I keep referring to January as the end of the summer…what’s THAT all about???

3. Goodwill is the best place to buy used books.  I always leave with a stack for under $20.

4. Soy frozen yogurt is the best invention on earth.

5. The bats come out from under the Congress St. bridge when they feel like it, even if it’s almost dark and their audience cannot see them after waiting an hour for that moment.  Mother Nature, you win again!

6. I’ve overdone it again, it’s time to give up sugar for a while.

7. Surrounding yourself with art will make you immediately happier.

8. I write horribly with my left hand.

9. Speaking on a panel = awesome.

10.  Mad Men is the best show on television…and tweeting while watching it on Sunday nights is my current fav thing to do. #MadMen

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