5 Ways to Perk Up Your Winter Wardrobe

January can feel like the longest month of the year. It starts off with so much promise and excitement, but the days are still short, the weather is not always so nice, and for many of us, that snow is getting old. Sometimes nothing beats the winter blues better than a little pick me up with your style. A few simple tweaks can make getting dressed fun and bring a smile to your face when you catch your reflection (or your co-workers compliment!). Here are 5 simple ways to perk up your winter style that you can do this weekend:

1. Try a new lipstick color. As soon as you read this, how many of you had to think about the last time you tried a new color? Or even switched out the lipstick you carry around in your bag every day? Don’t wait for spring to try on a new hue, or even revisit a favorite in your stash that you haven’t worn in a while. And be bold, go bright and fun, if there is a color you want to try, like a bright red, and the first one you put on makes you look horrible (it happens), you most likely are just trying the wrong color undertone for your skin and went warm when you should have gone cool or vice versa. If you’re a stranger to make-up or are unsure of what looks good on you, bring along a friend you trust or shop at a store that lets you try on colors and has people to assist you. Nothing perks up your face better than a bright lip, and I bet it will make you want to smile more 😉

2. Swap out your hat, gloves and scarf. Good winter coats are an investment and we typically hold on to the same ones for a few years. No one says your scarf, hat and gloves have to though! If you have a stash of them, mix it up and wear pieces you’ve forgotten about, break up sets and make new combos that you’ve not tried before. If you are sick of looking at what you have, treat yourself to a new pattern or color and don’t be afraid to have fun with these pieces! When I lived in the Northeast, I found that although I would buy most of my coats in dark neutrals, I would go crazy with the color and textures of my accessories, I basically thought of them as the jewelry of my outwear and loved the bursts of color they would provide. You’ll be more excited to get up and go if you look good and feel good (and know you’ll be toasty!).

3. Buy new tights / stockings / underwear / bras. Sometimes when we talk about working on ourselves from the inside first, we can mean inside our clothes. Trash the pilled tights, worn-out underwear and bras and refresh your stash for the last of winter. While we’re going through the tights and stockings if you can’t remember the last time you cleaned out your underwear drawer, why not do it now? Stock up on the literal foundation of your wardrobe and make yourself see great from the inside out. Who cares if no one but you can see what’s under there, you should look and feel your best for you! I’m not saying you have to run out and get 5 sexy, matching sets, just refresh whatever you like to wear with some new ones. It will make you feel pulled together from the moment you begin to get dressed in the morning.

4. Mix up your jewelry. This is a great time of year to add a few new colorful statement pieces to freshen your outfits and make everything feel new. Winter fashion tends to be dark and heavy, so bright jewelry will make a big huge impact if you mix it into the clothes you already have. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, mix up your go to style choices! If you always wear a statement necklace and stud earrings, try a statement bracelet and statement earrings combo, or try a color you never buy but love to gaze at, but have been to shy to wear. If it’s a color you feel doesn’t look great on you, keep it away from your face and try it in a bracelet or cocktail ring. If you wear the same necklace every day and never take it off, make a promise to yourself that one day a week, you’ll wear something different. If you want to shake things up, jewelry is a great way to do it as something small can make a big impact and make your entire style look different, more pulled together and fresh. It’s such a fun way to add color as well!

5. Start adding in a piece or two of your spring and summer fashions. If you bought new pieces that you can’t wait to wear, or if you’re pining for your favorite frocks waiting in the back of your closet, pull them and see if they can be mixed in with your winter wear. There are certain fabrics that may really not work until the temps rise, but things like lighter, brighter blouses can be layered with your suits, some summer dresses can be worn with thicker tights, boots and cardigans and white jeans in winter are totally a thing, and look especially chic with thick sweaters, camel coats and boots. There is only one thing to remember: style should be fun and a reflection of you!

Now go to your closet, think about the easy ways that you can feel brighter and better for the last of winter. Pick one or two of the things from the list above that makes you the most excited. I’ve learned that if you try and do everything, you’ll get overwhelmed, so only pick one or two things to try and commit to doing it this weekend. Happy Friday!

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