A progress update on my weekly food prep

Pepper cutting
Pepper cutting

As so many people have reached out to ask how the weekly food prep mission has been going, I thought I would share my progress. To some up how its been going in 1 word: Awesome. I am still pretty slow at the weekly cooking but, but I think it’s because I enjoy taking a 5-6 hour break from being plugged in all the time so I take my time at it. I have adjusted my shopping to a 10 day cycle so I am only cooking 3 days out of the month, and it means that I change around the day it falls on each time as well. I think this helps mentally as it mixes up what its disrupting in my schedule. I have been now doing this for 5 weeks, and have been eating strictly Paleo with only 3 tiny splurges on gummy candy for about 6 weeks and I see no stopping in sight.

The well stocked fridge after Mondays cook-a-thon
The well stocked fridge after Mondays cook-a-thon

The few days when I was running out of food before a shopping trip made me realize how wonderful this effort has made my life. I always have food at the near ready and making meals takes minutes now. I doubt I’d be able to eat Paleo if I did not do the weekly cook-up though, I would never be able to prep the amount of veggies and cook meat 3 times a day if most of it wasn’t done ahead of time, and I love the way I am eating as much as how I am making the food. Adam pointed out last night that when we met, I basically was eating this way anyway and its very obvious in my weight and how I feel that my body responds very well to this way of life. It was actually weird to think that its only been 6 weeks as I just realized that I have dropped back down to my “normal” weight really quickly. That however was not the main factor in why I needed to make a drastic change. Truthfully it was that my hypoglycemia was getting out of control. My blood sugar was constantly dropping so drastically that I thought I was going to pass out when it happened. It was scary and felt horrible. Luckily I no longer experience the shaking, sweating, I’m going to fall on the floor right now feeling anymore.  Now when I reach the point of being hungry, I now experience normal stomach grumbles and thats about it. So yay for that!

Carrots, Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Fresh Parsley and Toasted Pistachios
Carrots, Moroccan Lamb Meatballs, Fresh Parsley and Toasted Pistachios

I’m feeling that as I actually have kept cooking throughout these past few weeks that have been a tad on the hectic side with SXSW, out of town guests, tons of outings with friends for my birthday last week and then the gardening craze that happened this week end that I’m hopeful for the future of this way of life.  Although I need to get over that all of my time that I am not running around doing things, cleaning things or cooking things has to be spent working in my studio beacuse I have not worked out in almost 3 weeks and my mood these last few days is making that very obvious that I need to!  I am ready for spring to settle in, and for the pace of life to get a bit back to normal…I actually laughed to myself the other night that I have hardly blogged since beginning the weekly cooking, but as with all new routines, I’m getting the hang of it and adjusting around it. I;m just happy that I have been keeping up with it as it may take a great deal of work the 1 day, but it makes the next 9 a breeze!

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