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I’m Sierra Bailey and I love helping tiny businesses thrive. You’re running a tiny business, you want to stay tiny, but you also want to succeed and grow. WELL, I’M HERE TO HELP YOU DO IT.

Running a tiny business is different than running any other business out there. Most tiny business owners realize this, but they can’t find the advice, expertise and education they really need after the beginning phase is over.


I created and ran a successful tiny jewelry design business for 16 years. Now I educate other tiny business owners on all the things I learned the long way, through trial and error, lots and lots (and lots) of reading, listening to podcasts and applying what I was learning to my own tiny business. Even though I loved designing and making jewelry, everyone kept telling me I needed investors, I needed to scale, I needed more, more, more, and I didn’t love that so much. There was also a huge gap in information on how to run my business after I had it going for a few years.

I know from my own experience that there wasn’t a resource for tiny business owners who had gone past the beginning stages.


I want to share everything I’ve learned and help you leverage the advantages of having a few years under your belt to make your tiny business thrive.

What I see with tiny business owners is a lot of frustration and overwhelm because of wasted time, energy and resources trying to do all the things. They take classes and get advice from people who offer cookie cutter solutions to starting a business – not running a business AND for every kind of business besides tiny businesses. In the process, owners lose momentum on their big goals, getting stuck in the day to day overwhelm of urgent needs and the busy work of running a business.

I’m here to show you how to grow your business without burnout and overwhelm, while still doing the thing that you love every day. 

My tiny business was featured in over 60 national magazines including Real Simple, Southern Living, InStyle, Redbook and People Style Watch. My designs were worn on Gossip Girls and Criminal Minds, I’ve been a guest on podcasts as well as national and local news programs, given countless talks to thousands of people and run the social media programs of several non-profits. I’ve hosted a live TV show, two podcasts, published articles in both magazines and blogs and taught workshops and classes to hundreds of people. 


If you’re like most tiny business owners, you’ve:

  • Taken a course thinking you’re going to get solid, actionable advice about the ins and outs of the business side of running and growing your tiny business, only to realize you’re taking a course for small to large businesses from someone who’s never been a tiny business owner. 
  • Wanted a business mentoring experience and instead got someone’s canned system on how to sell, how to have the right mindset or how to get started. 
  • Tried a business coach (or two) and they’ve left you wanting more, so much more – because they’re a coach for any kind of business owner, not an experienced educator who works exclusively with established tiny businesses.
  • Got your business going, but now you’re in a couple of years (or more) and you’ve lost sight of your big vision. You’re stuck on the treadmill of day to day craziness and overwhelm, urgent is winning over important and you’re losing traction on your big goals.


Has been in your shoes, knows what it takes to run a successful – even six-figure – tiny business AND will to teach you how to do it too.

Is in your corner, will be your own personal cheerleader and will hold you accountable so you can realize all of your business goals.

Educates tiny business owners with personalized advice, expertise and feedback, because each business is unique and doesn’t fit into a blanket business course that works for everyone.

Will help you create an action plan just for your business, that is tailored to tiny businesses, not management, not large businesses, only tiny businesses like yours.

I’ve watched the tiny business owners I work with get focused on the important versus the urgent, get a strategy – and a plan to implement that strategy, get the real business advice they need for tiny businesses and create the thriving business of their dreams.

My clients have gone on to: 

  • Create multiple new revenue streams of both virtual and tangible products. 
  • Learn how to manage tiny teams while achieving the company’s projected goals and necessary financial growth. 
  • Grow successful tiny side hustles that are manageable and thriving as a side business. 
  • Do all the things successfully, meeting and exceeding long term business goals.

What are all the things that led me to right here, right now? (Okay, maybe not all the things, but here are some highlights.)

  • I love being of service. I come from a long line of civic-minded people who taught me to prioritize helping others. I currently serve on the Board of Directors of Texas Women in Business Austin as the President for 2021 & 2022. I serve on the Board of Directors for the Metropolitan Breakfast Club as the President for 2020-2021.
  • I have previously served in these positions: Executive Committee: Bike MS: Texas MS 150 Chair: I created, built and grew the Austin Committee for the Bike MS: Texas MS 150 from 2017 – 2020; Vice President Board Of Directors: Metropolitan Breakfast Club; Marketing Director – Board of Directors: Metropolitan Breakfast Club; Marketing Director – Board of Directors: Texas Women in Business;  Lead of the Leadership Team of The Women of BXN. Marketing Lead: Ellevate Network Austin Chapter; Co-Creator: South Austin Women In Business; Marketing Committee: Women Communicators of Austin; Marketing Committee: Texas Women in Business – TWIB; Community Member Elected by CAC: Community Advisory Board for Baranoff Elementary School; Chapter Leader: Academy of Handmade; Promotions Chair: Austin Craft Riot; Co-Chapter Leader: Little Black Dress Society – Austin Chapter; Social Media Chair: Millbrook Arts Group.
  • I was the GM for a fine dining restaurant and private club in NY (I could drop famous names here, but I’m not allowed!) and I managed fine dining bars before that.
  • I received my BFA in Computer Art and Animation from Syracuse University, School of Visual and Performing Arts, which means I also attended their engineering school where I could really get my coding geek on.
  • I designed my first web page in 1995 and my first e-commerce site (before Etsy!) in 2003.
  • I used to paint professionally.
  • I had a live TV show on the ShopLC channel as a DIY jewelry host.
  • I started my first business in sixth grade. I raided my grandmother’s quilting stash (with permission, quilters are crazy about their fabric!) and made over 100 scrunchies that I sold at a local fair.
  • When I am not working or volunteering, I can be found with my nose in a book or listening to podcasts while making my way through a jigsaw puzzle.
  • I live in Austin, TX with my sassy Rat Terriers Fiona and Bessie and my jujitsu-obsessed husband, Adam Fujawa.
  • I am the oldest of 4 sisters, was born in NH in one of the worst storms of the century, lived in NY from about three to 34, am a proud Gen Xer, an Aries, an Enneagram 8 and a finisher not an opener.

If you’re wondering what on earth I’m talking about in that last line, email me and I’ll explain!

I am mildly obsessed with running and helping tiny businesses. Let’s work together so you can run the business you love with joy and success

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