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Calendly Workshop


Welcome to Beyond Basics: Calendly, where you will learn how to take your meeting scheduling from chaotic and time-consuming to automated and business growing.

  • Are you spending more time sending emails back and forth to set up 1:1’s than you do in your meetings?

  • Have you tried to use Calendly and been overwhelmed by the setup?

  • Are you unaware of how the new features such as workflows and updated Chrome plugins can help you and your business?

Upcoming Sessions:
October 20
10am – 11am cst on Zoom

You will meet in a small group to allow you to set up your first “event” right there so you are ready to connect with people. 

You will learn how to set up different types of events, options with the free vs paid account, how it can work to automatically set up Zoom meetings, and the best practices to make it work for you.

After you register, you will receive instructional videos for setting up all of the settings in your free or paid account.

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