Tiny Workshops - Beyond Basics

Effective Networking Workshop


Welcome to Beyond Basics: Effective Networking, where you will learn how to build lasting connections and relationships and in turn, grow your business. 

  • Do you find yourself signing up for a bunch of networking groups and having no idea if any of them are right for you?

  • Are you attending lots of networking events and feeling like you are wasting your time?

  • Have you been putting in the time and effort networking but are not getting any business from your efforts?

Upcoming Sessions:
October 27th, December 1st
10am – 11am cst on Zoom

You will meet in a small group to allow you to ask all of your questions but still learn from others experiences in the group.

You will learn how to choose the groups to join, how often you should attend events, what to do at both at events and after them, and how to get the most out of groups.

You will leave this workshop understanding how to nurture and grow relationships in business and how to network effectively. 

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