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Emails People Will Read Workshop


Welcome to Beyond Basics: Emails People Will Read, where you will learn about how to understand what your people will actually want to read about in regular emails (aka newsletters) and how to create these emails for them.

  • Do you only send emails to your mailing list when you want to sell to them?

  • Is your email list just sitting there getting dusty because you have no idea what to write each week or month?

  • Are you sending emails that never get opened?

Upcoming Sessions:
October 1st, November 5th
10am – 11am cst on Zoom

You will meet in a small group to allow you to brainstorm ideas, ask questions and get inspired.

You will learn what your customers actually want to read, how to create content that delivers, when it’s ok to sell, how often you should send out emails and how to go about sending them once they are created.

As most marketing experts will tell you, the money is in your email list, but to grow that list, you have to deliver content that your people want.

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