Tiny Workshops - Beyond Basics

Quarterly Plan Workshop


Welcome to Beyond Basics: Your Quarterly Plan, where you will learn to set your goals for your business and map out your content for the next 3 months.

  • Do you find that you spend an excessive amount of time thinking of what to post on Social Media every day?

  • Are you spending your days putting out fires and find that end of the month that you made little progress on your big picture goals?

  • When you look over your content, is it all over the place?

Upcoming Sessions:
October 1st 3pm – 5pm cst on Zoom

You will meet in a small group of fellow talented, tiny business owners to allow you to get hear what others are doing for their plans to inspire you in your own business.

You will learn how to create a content calendar and where to prioritize your time.

Learn how to set yourself up for success by creating a plan for your content and your schedule.

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