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Who Are Your Customers Workshop


Welcome to Beyond Basics: Who Are Your Customers, where you will learn how to understand who your ideal client or customer is, define everything about them and learn how to market to them.

  • Are you wasting time marketing to “everyone” because you don’t understand how to define your ideal person?
  • Does defining your person make you nervous that you’re excluding potential clients and customers?
  • When you have tried to define your avatar in the past, have you written down their age range, if they were male or female, and a few other vague details and called it a day?

In this 1 hour workshop, you will learn how to identify who your customers are, why you need to know this, and how it’s not only the cornerstone of marketing but essential for all business owners to understand. You will be given the prompts to get you started, a chance to brainstorm and ask questions and what you need to do once you understand who your customer is.

Upcoming Sessions:
September 17th, October 20th
10am – 11am cst on Zoom

We meet in a small group to allow you to be able to ask questions, get the help you need and get inspired by fellow talented, tiny business owners.

The workshop will be dedicated by what YOU and the other participants want to learn and geared towards creating solutions to YOUR businesses.

After the workshop, you will receive worksheets and checklists to walk you through the process. 

Tiny workshops are a great way to learn new information in a judgment-free group!

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