Biblio-Files October 2017

This month was the middle of a 4 month stretch of trips and the start of my busy season. I thought I would have a chance to read more, as the month as September was great, but nope. Any time I had at my desk was reserved for work on Manic Trout, so I didn’t have a chance to get more done on other projects. Thankfully I have finished the year of the love tv show, so there is less time away from studio, but the traveling this fall is taking up a great deal of my time. Some months we win and some months we don’t.

1. Very Valentina by Adriana Trigiani. This is the only author whom I still gravitate to in the chic lit category. Most of them annoy me too much now but I love Trigiani. Especially in this book as it was about a women who is running her grandparents tiny handmade shoe company. Her work is pretty fluffy but immensely enjoyable.

2. The Last Summer at Chelsea Pier. The second book about the Blitz that I read this fall. I preferred the other, but if I had’t have read that one first, this may have seemed better. The story was engaging and good though, a great travel read!

3. The Lady in The Tower by Jean Plaidy. I have been scooping up all historical fiction in my path. Some of the authors I want to devour everything they write and some not so much. This author apparently had like 11 pen names and had written hundreds of books on many subjects, you can tell. There will no more Plaidy on my bookshelves.

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