Understanding Profit Margins

If I asked you what your profit margins were, would you? :a. excitedly tell me, down to the decimal?b. groan and lament on how they need to be higher?c. have no idea what I’m talking about? By the end of …

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The Importance of Delivering Value

What makes a business the best in what it does? That they exceed their customer’s expectations consistently. This is also known as value delivery and today, we’re going to talk about how to make sure it’s part of YOUR business. …

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What Problem Is Your Business Solving?

Does your business solve a problem that people are having? If yes, excellent! Are you communicating that problem to your audience and that you can solve it? Let’s talk about why solving a problem is the root of business and …

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Repurposing Content

If you create any content for your business, you should make sure that you are maximizing all of the work you put into it. The trick to smart marketing is to repurpose all of your content to get the most …

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Stop Doing Lists

Do you find yourself constantly adding to your to-do list, yet never removing any tasks and activities? Today, we’ll talk about Stop Doing Lists. What they are, what goes on them and how they can help you stop the madness. …

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Should You Learn That Skill?

Have you ever spent countless hours trying to figure something out that was a complete waste of your time that you later regretted? Or do you see every learning opportunity as a special gift dropped down on your lap that …

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Work From Home Pitfalls

If you work at home, do you feel like you work more now that you don’t have to actually leave the house to work? Or do you have the opposite problem, that you never get anything done working from home? …

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Evening Routines

Do you have an evening routine? What about an end of the workday routine? Or a before-bed routine? We hear so much talk about morning routines, but the end of the day routines can be just as powerful. In this …

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What & How To Delegate

Do you know you need to start handing off tasks on your to-do list but aren’t sure of what you should delegate? Or are you the champion of delegation to the point of handing off the things that need your …

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Areas of Your Life

When you set goals, do you find they are lopsided and all of your energy and focus seems to be only on part of your life? Do you wish that you felt more balanced but are not sure if that’s …

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