Long Terms Goals

There is a great deal more to long term goals then defining something that you want to achieve far in the future. The process itself and the exercise of thinking about the big picture and how all of the areas …

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Managing All Your Projects

Creatives tend to want to work on all the things all the time. This leads to overwhelmed paralysis and doing nothing well. Is there a secret to how many projects we can manage at once? Well, recent research has shown …

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3 Is The Magic Number

Are you overwhelmed with your to-do list? I have good news for you, if you try to focus on just three things per day, your work and life will improve. No, you don’t have to delete everything else, but you …

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Do All The Things

If you’re listening to this podcast, chances are pretty good that you are the type of person who wants to do all of the things and is always looking for more things to be doing. Today on the podcast, we’re …

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Show Up – Follow Through – Do The Work

This week three main ideas were discussed in Doers Shakers Makers. Showing Up, Following Through and Doing The Work. I explained what each of these ideas is and why they are both each important to achieving success and how they …

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Marketing Plans

Today I answer the top two questions you ask the most about marketing your tiny and small businesses. Where should you be marketing and how much should you be spending? These are both great questions and although they, of course, …

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Morning Routines

I’m sure you have heard about the magic of morning routines. They constantly come up when people talk about productivity, but do you know what they are? And why is everyone so obsessed with them? Are they as life-changing as …

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New Beginnings

Today is a magical day. Why you may ask? Because it’s a Monday, April 1st, the first day of a new quarter and it’s spring! Why does this mean it’s a magical day? Because it means you have 4 great …

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Introducing The Doers Shakers Makers Podcast

We all learn and take in information in different ways. However, what we all have in common about learning is that we learn best if we teach what we have learned to someone else. That right there is how the …

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