Deep Thoughts on Celebrating Sobriety

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Today we are celebrating that my husband, Adam, is 4 years sober. It’s amazing accomplishment and I am incredibly proud of him. Such a wonderful milestone and I couldn’t be prouder!

In the back of my mind, I have wondered if I should blog more about what it is like to be married to an addict in recovery. At first I instinctively pulled back as I was afraid I would jinx it. But as time has gone by, I understand the importance of sharing experiences with addiction and sobriety and making it something that can be talked about. Those that have a loved one that faced addiction are also victims and need to talk more about their experiences. This can be helpful and give advice for those who are going through the worrying and stressful time of a loved one facing addiction; whether it be they learn how to confront the problem verbally to their family or friends, or become more knowledgable in drug testing companies like Countrywide Testing, every single bit of information can help. In my own life, the first year of my relationship with my husband took a nightmare-ish turn and the result thankfully was sobriety that has continued through our marriage. We searched for rehab centres that could help him, in particular ones that had a focus on long term success like sober living austin tx, and I’m so glad we did because it changed both of our lives. I felt incredibly isolated and alone that year. A few months ago I started wondering about how many other women were feeling that same way. So I opened up and posted a bit about what it is like to be married to an addict on facebook and was contacted by so many women that I realized it was time to speak up in a more public way. Today is the first day I have done so, but this will be a topic I will be writing about more often as time goes on and I feel more comfortable doing so. If you are in this situation and need to talk, vent, share or cry, please reach to me at anytime. You can contact me through any of the black icons or email.

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