Collecting Cookbooks


Last year I got into coobooks. The whole paleo thing inspired me to pick up the books of a few of my favorite bloggers and I was so happy with them that I have tried to keep an eye out for any that looked good. For lack of a better description, I’d say that for the most part, I cook “foodie light”. I love food and eat out at great restaurants pretty often, so to counter all the eating out, when I’m home I tend to make meals on the lighter side. I however am into food production sources and ingredients that perhaps the normal “light” eater would not use. Nor would the normal foodie. For example, I really don’t like butter, but 90% of the time I will not use oil other than coconut so this leaves most cookbooks out of my radar. I don’t mind this as I’d rather only buy a handful of cookbooks a year that I love rather then tons that I never look at. Two recent purchases have been Giada’s Good Food, which are the recipes that she actually eats and filled with low cal options which i have appreciated in my recent weight loss crusade. The second, The Pollan Family Table, I have not gotten into yet and I’ll admit I bought it for reasons unrelated to food. The main reason is that I am obsessed with Michael Pollen and his sisters both wrote the book and they did it at their parents home, (down the street from my moms old house!) so I figured that as he wrote the forward, some of his influence had to be there. I also enjoy that Michael J Fox is involved, as I have always loved him. His wife Tracy is of course one of the authors.


What I am most excited about though is I’s All Easy, Gwyneth Paltrows newest cookbook. One of my favorite cookbooks ever was one I bought a couple of years ago and completely surprised me in how much I love it. Although I’m not a GP hater, I wasn’t sure if I’d like her cooking style, but It’s All Good changed my mind about all of that. I still have recipes from that book in constant rotation and I think her black sesame carrots changed my life. I was so excited when I found out she had a new one coming out this year that I think I screamed. I then of course forgot about it until I saw someone post it on IG the other day and ordered it that second. Thank you to prime, I already have it my hands and I LOVE IT!!! This one is all about the quick end of day cooking and I think most recipes are about 30 minutes. Most are gluten and/or dairy free (which I do eat both of in case you were wondering) and they all look amazing. There is a heavy Asian influence on this one and I wonder if it has to do with the co-author, that they are both in LA or what, I but am really diggin it. I have a hunch that I’ll be making the pork belly ramen dish soooo soon…we in Austin take pork belly very seriously.


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