Deep thoughts from the past month…maybe two


1. Frozen yogurt (and the soy equivalent) are only as good as the topping you choose.

2. Wedding bombing the restaurant where you first met is awesome.

3. Teaching Adam the trick of avoiding laundry by buying more underwear was brilliant (and saves me from doing laundry every week)

4. Packing sucks. Actually moving sucks.

5. I have a crazy low attention span for concerts of bands I don’t care about.  However, for the bands I love, I would stand and dance for hours and hours.

6. As soon as you pack something and stack six boxes on top of the box its in, you’ll need it.

7. No matter how many times I move with Faye, she always freaks out when the boxes start being packed. She seems convinced I won’t take her with me.

8. The bed you sleep on seems absolutely fine until you order a new, much larger one.  Then every night seems like hell in the current one.

9. 99% of the time, my gut is right.  That I often doubt it is the problem.

10. I need to exercise everyday.  It’s incredibly obvious when I don’t that it has a huge and positive effect of my mental state. Yet for some stupid reason, its always the first to get cut when I am crazy busy.

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