Deep thoughts from the past week


1. When you dread having to think of a restaurant to eat dinner at, it’s time to head to the kitchen and cook it yourself.

2. Which brings me to: cooking for 2 sucks. However, I love leftovers so at least I’m not wasting food.

3. Allergies are the devil.

4. Forgetting to check your PO box for a month will yield unexpected surprises…and thanks to paperless billing, nothing bad.

5. As a person who subscribed to an average of 20 fashion mags for most of their lives, it’s shocking that I now only subscribe to 3 mags…Inc, Entrepreneur and Fast Company. Hopefully thats indicative of where I came from and where I’m headed? But really I think its that blogs and pinterest show the fashion editorials before they even hit the newsstands.

6. My life was divided into 2 camps this on Manic Trout and cook good food. I feel for my instagram follower.

7. Why I waited so long to hire an assistant when I moved to Austin is beyond any reason. It was stupid to wait this long, and now I remember very clearly why I had an assistant and an intern in NY.

8. Great ideas come from brainstorming.

9. The problem with admitting to your spouse that you are capable of creating multiple delicious and healthy meals in a week is that they will expect it regularly. I have a sneaky suspicion that I should not have let that cat out of the bag.

10. Mad Men is the only show that makes me yell out loud at the tv. I am not doing live twitter feeds this season, as it was a bit confusing to my Manic Trout fans last year, but if I were, last night would have been all: “Pete, have you looked in a mirror? wtf is up with your side burns?” and “Wow, Don Draper, I didn’t think it possible for you to have even more issues.” Man oh man, I LOVE that show!

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