Deep thoughts from the past week

beet hands

1. Beets dye everything Manic Trout pink. Which is pretty awesome, but can really freak you out if you forgot you ate them when you pee. Fuchsia pee is freaky.

2. It was pointed out to me this week that high quality food is a luxury. As in non GMO, hormone free food. This prompted me to read up on the subject and I have learned that processed foods may be cheaper per calorie, but they are more expensive per unit of nutrition.

3. You can find inspiration in anything, and I often do in bugs.

4. I don’t get heartburn from roasted garlic. (I get crazy heartburn from all other forms)

5. Adam does not know how old he is. For real, he asked me twice this week already.

6. Men and women approach entertaining amazingly differently.

7. Purple carrots sometimes have orange centers.

8. The day the construction on building the house being built across the street quieted, a house began behind us. I just want ONE day without hammers waking me up!

9. Ladies love a good sale.

10. There are 2 types of people and I am the type who thinks its ok to have kitchen tools which only serve one purpose. Hello porcelain ginger grater…I’m looking at you and winking.

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