Deep thoughts from the past week

egg shells

1. I am sometimes astonished with the amount of “jewelry designers” out there. My next venture will be something super obscure that hobbyists cannot compare themselves to.

2. Sometimes when you want something so badly, it pales in comparison when you actually get it. This is not the case with my new blender. I haven’t eaten solids in two days.

3. You have to eat ALOT of liquid food to feel full.

4. The time off from exercise is not worth the pain and annoyance of getting back on that horse. So much easier to just stick with it. Next time I make lack of time excuses, I need to remember this.

5. Even with a list, when you get home from early morning errands, something will be overlooked. Especially if you run them before coffee.

6. When I’m really busy or am on a deadline, I dream that I am either cross country running or shifting a very fast car into higher hears. Not sure if I’m racing in these, but both happen often. This may be one of the reasons why Adam thinks I will have a stroke from workaholic tendencies.

7. I love work.

8. If all the construction equipment in my neighborhood disappears one night, I don’t know what happened to it.

9. I prefer to travel only once or twice a year. This once a month trip cycle is crap.

10. When women are mad at their husbands, they shop. When they team up and do it together, it’s incredibly therapeutic.

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