Deep thoughts had while on allergy medicine

Faye in her early days
Faye in her early days

1. While looking through old photos of Faye in her early years, I was shocked by how less different she looks now that she’s lost weight.

2. Speaking of weight, I have no joke lost a few lbs since the great almond butter recall of 2014 happened.

3. I’m reading what I have so far thought of as the Judea version of Clan of The Cave Bear. Remember that book? I usually will think about whatever book I’m reading during the days, but this one is making me pull back up memories of COTCB too. Strong willed women for the win!

4. There are only 5 emails in my inbox right now. High five!!

5. Our temps here in Austin dipped from 100 to 61 the other day. I found myself in sheepskin slippers and a sweater…in 61 degree temps. Its amusing how we acclimate.

6. I finally figured out how to use the light meter properly on my big camera last week. It was both life changing and proof on a small scale that the payoff is worth it if you keep trying.

7. Pumpkin spice lattes = yuck. Pumpkin spice candy corn = yum. Enough sugar can make anything delicious.

8. The only people who don’t question my choice to not have children are the ones with tiny babies.

9. I though people were exaggerating when they spoke of the allergies in Austin, that there was never a break and each season they just seemed to get worse. And then I moved here. My face hurts there is so much sinus pressure going on right now.

10. Perhaps we in Austin think weirder is better as we are on allergy medication all the time?

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