Deep Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

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A few weeks ago I was all, “Yay, I love Valentine’s Day, woo hoo!!”. Now, on the actual day, after I have seen nothing except for hearts and handmade cards in my pinterest feed and blog reader for 6 weeks, “I’m all F-U stupid holiday!!”. So I thought to myself this morning, am I too jaded by the pinterest version of the holiday to write deep thoughts? Nah…its the perfect time…

1. As one of the Candy High Holidays of the year, I have to love Valentine’s Day on principle. I mean come on, any day that has candy created in it’s honor if pretty fabulous.

2. As much as I love one day out of the year to honor romance, the amount of perfect card/gift/flower receiving expectations rival Christmas. Its insane. Adam has strict instructions for no flowers on this day. I do however encourage as many gifts made of candy as he can carry. Which brings me to:

3. Candy Hearts

4. Some girls detest Valentine’s Day and some love it. If you love it, own up to it and make that declaration known by your loved one. You’ll be taking a giant leap towards not being disappointed on February 14th if its known that you expect it to be celebrated.

5. The amount of disappointment felt by women today is probably triple the amount who are pleased by it. This is similar to what so many feel on New Years Eve. (see #4)

6. Did I mention Candy Hearts?

7. The need for every couple in America to go out to dinner tonight makes it so that no restaurant can possibly offer great service, food and ambiance because of this. As a nation, we’ve collectively killed the idea of a romantic dinner for two actually happening tonight.

8. On that note, no one said you have to celebrate on the actual day. At our house, we tend to celebrate all holidays on days besides the actual holiday. I don’t know how it began, but it’s now how we roll. So if you can’t get a table at your favorite restaurant on the 14th, do it next week, it’s the idea of being all romantic that’s fun, not the date.

9. The unofficial role of Valentine’s Day should be like Mother’s Day but for married women without children. It’s the day our husbands have to be all sweet and romantic and shower us with flowers, chocolates and jewelry as a thank you for all we do for them. Think of it as a mandatory day of pampering to thank us for doing all of the laundry, cleaning, errand running, managing of the finances and generally running of their lives for them…while working full time. Or better yet, we should get our own day…Wife Day. Who do I have to talk to about getting Wife Day printed on calendars?

10. Oh, and I case I forgot…Candy Hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!


p.s. this is from the Manic Trout newsletter this week:

Every year I get all sappy mid January for the idea of Valentine’s Day. Then I spend the next four weeks seeing nothing but hearts on every single blog, pin and social media site and by the 10th, I want to pop every single one of those heart balloons and rip up all the stupid handmade cards. Ok, it may not be that extreme but really, can there be one pin this week that does not involve a handmade card? As much as it even pained me to use the V word in the title, it was necessary for the point I’m making. You want something pretty, frilly and girly? Don’t bother waiting for cupid to deliver and go on out there and treat yourself. I’m giving you permission. My personal spurge was a bit of new makeup from Sephora. It made me feel nice to buy myself a girly gift. If that pretty, girly thing you have been wanting is from Manic Trout, then all the better…I’ll even give you 20% off so you feel warm and fuzzy about not only treating yourself, but getting a good deal. Consider it my handmade card to you…xxoo

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