Deep thoughts

Mammatus Clouds over South Austin, May 25, 2015
Mammatus Clouds over South Austin, May 25, 2015

1. The deepest thought recently is still about what I do here on this blog. I’m getting there…but I still think about it more than I write here, obviously.

2. I have lived in this house for almost 2 years. The entire time, there has been a whole foods less than 5 miles away and I never went in it. Last week I remembered that you can buy prepared food there. Now I have been there 3 times in less than one week.

3. You know in instagram, when you click on the search and select photos…well tonight my feed was almost all photos of watermelon. What is that all about??

4. Dealing with major storms like tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms and flash floods is exhausting.

5. The rare and elusive Mammatus clouds were over head in Austin Monday evening. It was for some reason really bright in our part of the sky though so they were kind of lame when I took a photo. You can see my photo above and then google “mammatus clouds austin” see how awesome they were. Unbelievably gorgeous and maybe worth all the crazy weather? Maybe not.

6. When glass windows explode into your garage shards of it get everywhere. In every single nook and cranny. It took me three days just to get it all off of my car, and I still saw the glimmer of a tiny piece on my windshield when I was speeding to whole foods earlier.

7. As much as my generation still gets a lot of nosey smack talked about women not having kids, especially when they opt to marry, its pretty crazy how many of my peers are in the same life path as compared to our mothers generation. (This has been a big and emotional topic on my facebook page and I will one day write about it here, just not yet).

8. Mammatus is one of those words that looses all meaning when you say it over and over. Like asparagus.

9. I broke my own rule and have been trying to adapt the deliciousness of instant pudding to dairy free. I typically try and avoid the fake version of foods as its just never the same (see turkey bacon or non dairy cheese). After a week of trying different recipes and ways to make it, I have finally come to accept that it sucks unless its made the right way. Never eat the fake version!

10. My youngest sister texted me two sentences a few weeks ago: “If you wrote a book, I’d read it. Just sayin :)” She is not the first person to tell me that…all signs point in the direction of writing here more often…will it happen is the question.


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