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So I was just reading a forum I am part of that makes my life less stressful, a forum for women in creative business and a question was raised about watching tv or movies with people with seemingly instant success in their fields, or the tales you hear of the fabulous idea with an overnight rise to success and it got me thinking…it was a bit off-topic for the forum, so I thought I’d share it here…

I always get all irritated about the simple success of people on tv and movies…or the stories you read and hear about that just get you all frustrated and hating everyone…you know the ones, wealthy husband supports wifeys venture and she rises to the top…but I was also realizing that if you think about it, its all of us in this community of women following an internal drive to make it on their own, doing what we love that is the real basis of these tales. These success stories that we read about and see on tv are all versions of our real lives, we are these women…you just never see the huge amounts of work, focus, and determination that goes on behind the scenes when you watch it on the big screen. It never seems like I am experiencing success when I worry every single day if I will make enough that month to pay my rent and all of my bills as I am self-employed and single, or that every night I lay in bed thinking that I will have to go and get a job that I really don’t have time for if things go downhill. Of course, until two months ago I was lying in bed every night thinking I had to leave my day job because it was killing me doing both a very full-time job and very full-time Manic Trout. I may not be in a comfortable place yet, but I’m getting there and sometimes I have to put it all in perspective…I of coarse am focused on goals I am working towards, but I have been fortunate enough to have already reached so many goals and I am really proud of that!

The whole point of this winded post is that I think as we climb the ladder of our personal successes we so often forget how far we’ve come, I know I do and I also know that in order to continue on you have to stop every once in a while look behind you and really see how far you’ve come!

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