Do it now vs Do it later

The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!
You know what we do agree on? That the snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

Have you read Getting Things Done by David Allen? If you have then you’ll know that he is very into the concept of doing something now if it takes less than 2 minutes to do. I too am also very into this concept and live by it. Adam on the other hand thinks it’s ridiculous. Although this is no big deal in our relationship over all, this difference in productivity tends to make us both frustrated with each other. For example, I will fold the laundry before leaving the house which he thinks is crazy and gets in the way of his being 30 minutes early to everything (we sit in the car upon arrival a lot). On the flip side, his leaving things all over the house to put away later makes me insane, as it will take 10 seconds to put it away now and be done with it. I actually end up cleaning up after him most of the time for this reason. I’m hoping that as he now gets the logic of “the key place”, he’ll eventually come around.

Are you a do it now or do it later person? What about your spouse?


  • Exact same conversation in our house. Another thing I live by is to squeeze in as much as you can at night when getting ready for the next day… Then you have a more smooth morning. It was something I read in Real Simple, and I think it was more targeted to busy mom’s… But hey, I’m a busy mom of fur babies!

  • Yes!! I’m a big fan of getting anything done at night instead of in the morning, not a morning person! I also believe strongly that we dog mothers are mothers too, lol.

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