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Frequently asked questions

I don’t specialize in industries, but rather size. My greatest strength is in working with tiny businesses, which are those that are only you, or businesses with up to 5 employees

You can live anywhere in the world! We meet via phone, or Zoom. I live in Austin, TX, so if you live here as well, you are welcome to come to my office in south west Austin or I can come to yours.

We will work together to figure out what strategies you should implement. If I am telling you what to do, it is coming from our dialogue and conversation about possible solutions to your problems. 

Yes! You can join the Doers Circle which if purchased annually, is reasonable and gives you a more limited access to me and my expertise.

I will deliver the results we agree to. If we don’t achieve them within the timeline agreed as long as you’ve followed my recommendations.

Yes. After you sign up for your first session, I will email you an NDA that we will both sign. Your privacy is incredibly important to me. 

Not all business owners want to share that they work with a consultant. I respect their privacy and only share reviews from clients who are happy to tell the world about working together!

If we work together and you want to share your experience, I’d love to share it!

I sure can! Have you looked at the Goal-Getter Program? I have created a 6 month curriculum that takes you from goal shy to goal master. Find out more

Yes! Let’s have a conversation and discuss the details. 

Have a question that I didn’t answer? Please reach out to [email protected], I’d love to hear from you!

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