got goals

But now what?

I’ve been there. I was great at setting goals, but I didn’t know how to GET them, so I spent years researching and studying the mechanics of goal getting, not just goal setting.

I learned what it takes, day to day, to make your goals a reality, along with how to strategize, plan and prioritize your tasks on an ongoing basis, for the sustainable, healthy growth of your company – without the hair-pulling overwhelm for you.

What if you just want a successful side hustle and not a full-time business? PERFECT. This program is exactly what you need to get your hustle on, make it financially successful AND still have a life.

Because, I build a customized curriculum for each client, specific to you and your business’s needs. During the six months we work together, I will teach you, step by step, how to prioritize what’s most important on your long and short term goals and how to balance working towards them both. I’ll help hold you accountable, as you learn how to distinguish which things are most important and WHEN they are most important for moving your business forward, even when all the things are yelling for your attention. 

And let’s be real – you like doing some things in your business better than others. But in order to do the thing you love, forever (or at least for a very long time), you have to tackle the big things – and first learn to recognize what they are – that are going to give you a business that thrives, rather than one that keeps you up at night or fizzles out because you didn’t have a clear plan to get your goals.

In the Goal Getter program, you’ll be working one on one with me, every two weeks, which allows us to practice real-time prioritization and decision making, on issues like:

  • Is it time to hire someone, and if so, is that a priority over creating a new product?

  • Should I be looking at a separate revenue stream, or is there a better way to capitalize on what I’ve already got?

  • What do I need to do over the next six months to hit my revenue goals? And how do I make sure I’m on track for 2021?


  • The difference between building a job for yourself (something many tiny business owners fall into) versus building a business. 

  • How to prioritize your day and set boundaries, so you can spend time with your family and have hobbies again. 

  • How to recognize what high level tasks really are. When we’re in the weeds, we get blinded by constantly putting out fires, and it’s hard to see what we have to do on a regular basis to keep things going long term. 

  • To understand your own work-energy dynamics. Some of us work well from 4am -10am. Some of us don’t get going until 11am. You’ll learn to recognize what tasks are hard for you in the morning, but easy for you in the afternoon and how to use your energy to your advantage

  • What things you need to stop doing, start doing or delegate. We all have tasks that drain us of our will to live and our ability to effectively do the rest of the things we need to do.  We’ll look at what’s not working for you and figure out a better way. 

  • Every person keeps their schedule differently and approaches time management differently. There is no cookie cutter answer that works for everyone. That’s why this is a customized program just for you and your specific business challenges and strengths.

how it works

twelve sessions

Each bi-weekly, one-on-one Zoom or phone session covers a topic of goal setting and getting. The sessions build on one another and dovetail into what’s currently going on in your business so you can easily integrate the practices into your daily work life.

Accountability &
Action Plans

After each session, you’ll receive an action plan, specific to you and what your goals are. I’ll be your accountability partner, helping you stay on track with your plan and if things are falling to the wayside, I’ll be there to help figure out why and what we can do to make your plan successful for you and how you work best.

unique to you

You are unique in how you plan and take action, so your approach to goal setting and getting will be unique to you as well. We will work together to tailor your approach to getting your goals.


You’ll now have an accountability partner who knows from experience and will teach you how to get closer to your goals, step by step, day by day. 

Anything that comes up, anything you have a question on, or anything that I see that needs attention, we will attend to, BEFORE IT BECOMES AN ISSUE that’s capable of sinking your ship.

You’re going to see traction on your long-term goals because you’ll start to develop the skills to take continuous action on a regular basis, even while all the other things need getting done.

The Goal Getter program is about goals, but it’s also about you and your singular approach to running your business: Discovering and optimizing your unique gifts, understanding your own time management dynamic and learning how to keep your long term vision in your sights and work towards it on a regular, day to day basis, while managing the day to day needs of your business. 


Are you ready to take action? Sign up for the Goal-Getter 6 month program now to get started!

One Payment

$ 2197
One Time
  • 12 Sessions
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Personalized Accountability
  • A bonus savings of $185

Six Payments

$ 397 Per Month
  • 12 Sessions
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Personalized Accountability
  • 6 Monthly Payments
Sierra Bailey
Business educator &
talented, tiny business expert.

Are you a talented, tiny business owner who started off on your own because you were good at something? Perhaps you’re an amazing artist or a CPA who is fantastic with numbers. Maybe you’re an athlete turned coach?

Well, I was once you. I became a business educator after 16 years of building and running a thriving handmade jewelry business. I now use my experience as a business owner for over 20 years, restaurant general manager, TV host and board member of multiple non-profits to help tiny business owners just like you succeed.

The expertise, tools and skills that made all of that possible are now available to you when we work together one-on-one. Helping you to succeed and feel like you are accomplishing both your long and short term goals is my top priority. Want to know more about my story? You’ll find it in the About section.

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