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The first time I met Heather, I felt drawn to her from across the room. I thought, who is this woman with the unexpected stripe of color (at the time, purple) in her hair? I need to find out more about her! And I did just that. I have the pleasure of chatting often with her and each time, I discover something new. So when this series began, Heather was one of the first people I reached out to. Today I get to let you find out some of what makes Heather Rider and her company, The Energy Synergist, so amazing. Enjoy!

“I love watching my clients’ lives transform in a fairly short amount of time.”

Sierra Bailey: One of the best parts about knowing business owners is watching their work evolve and seeing them thrive. I have been delightedly watching your business grow for over a year now and love what you’re doing. For those who are not yet familiar with your work, tell us about your being The Energy Synergist.

Heather Rider: It’s such a pleasure to chat with you, Sierra! I’m an anxiety specialist who personally overcame high-functioning anxiety while working in a demanding Tech job in Austin. I work with clients from all over the world who want to take a non-traditional, holistic approach to healing anxiety. They may have tried other avenues for managing their anxiety, such as therapy or pharmaceuticals, but haven’t felt much improvement. So, they come to me for an alternative approach because they are ready for resolution.

Sierra Bailey: Your path to what you are doing now, like with many entrepreneurs, has not been a direct shot. What has your career looked like up to this point?

Heather Rider: I used to work as a Product Manager on very high traffic websites and software applications. I was the person who would figure out what features and functionalities a website or software should have available for the users, and would make improvements so that the experience was more user-friendly. I worked with Graphic Designers and Developers to make those ideas come to life.

Sierra Bailey: Do you feel skills from your past has helped you in your new field?

Heather Rider: My background in Tech has been very useful to my business, because I know a fair amount about digital marketing and feel at ease working on my own website, etc. I do hire others to help me, such as an SEO professional and a Google Ads person. It’s nice to be able to talk to these people and have more than a layman’s understanding of what we’re talking about.

“This is why I’m able to get such transformative results for my clients – I’m working on their anxiety at the root source.”

Sierra Bailey: What do you love the most about what you do?

Heather Rider: My clients get amazing results from the work we do together. I love watching my clients’ lives transform in a fairly short amount of time. I get to watch their progress and their old patterns and anxiety melt away. They see their reactions to people and situations shift and start to feel better emotionally and physically. It’s really powerful and fun to witness.

Sierra Bailey: You’ve been working quite a bit on your business this year, and it’s showing! What are you the most excited about in the next year or two?

Heather Rider: I’m starting a YouTube channel soon and am looking forward to sharing my learnings and expertise with a wider audience.
I’ll also be offering a group program with the next year or so. I’ve been part of various group programs and love them. I really get a lot out of connecting and working with others who want to achieve the same goal. There is a lot of power and energy in a group dynamic, so I’m excited to offer that for my clients.

Sierra Bailey: What is the one, under $100 purchase in the last year has been life-changing in your business or life?

Heather Rider: I recently bought a Logitech webcam because the webcam in my laptop wasn’t very good. I always looked like I was in a dimly lit room, even when the lighting was good. I do a lot of virtual sessions with clients and felt like they needed to see a better version of me! I bought this Logitech camera for under $100 on Amazon.

Sierra Bailey: I have the same camera! It’s the perfect mix of affordability and quality!

Sierra Bailey: If we could do one thing to help you get to the next level, what would that be?

Heather Rider: My approach to healing my clients is a bit uncommon. I do “energy work” which includes an energy healing modality called Reiki. I also offer a lot of intuitive guidance and coaching with my clients. This is why I’m able to get such transformative results for my clients – I’m working on their anxiety at the root source.

I would love introductions from your community to high achieving, driven folks who happen to be dealing with severe stress or anxiety, and who are ready to shift out of old patterns into a life where they feel joyous and calm.

Website: The Energy Synergist
Email: [email protected]
LinkedIn: Heather Rider
Facebook: @TheEnergySynergist
Instagram: @the.energy.synergist

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