How Customer Service Impacts Sales

Great customer service is essential to your business. You can use all of the marketing and sales techniques in the world, but when people actually come and interact with you in your business, if they are not receiving great customer service, they’re not going to stick around. And we all know that the whole point of having a business and having customers is to have people stick around. To be continuously selling and to be continuously bringing in revenue to constantly have cash flow and profit. So let’s talk about the three ways that customer service can affect your profit, your cash flow, and your sales.

We’ll begin with the fact that happy customers buy more. They not only will come back but they will lose price sensitivity. They not only will be your customer for a long time, but they will tell their friends, their coworkers, and the people they do business with. They will leave you reviews and become your evangelists. They can’t wait to tell everybody about this great product, this great service, this business that they have found. You know what I’m talking about? You’ve heard people do this. In fact, you’ve done this because when you receive great customer service, you cannot wait to tell people about it.

I had an experience this past week with online shopping and I told six people about the experience within two days. I was so excited about the wonderful customer service that I wanted to tell everyone. And this was customer service that happened after a huge screw-up. That didn’t matter. I didn’t once talk about the screw-up. I didn’t care about the screw-up. All I cared about was that when I had a problem, they calmly and happily spent two hours trying to work on it and figure out a solution. I didn’t even care that I had to be on the phone for two hours while they figured out the problem. All because they had such intent on making sure that I had a good experience. In the end, everything turned out well and all was fine. That’s an example of great customer service.

If you have a product, if you have a service, if you are in business, you need to make sure that when your clients and customers are working with you, that they feel like you are doing more than solving their problem. That you are really excited and happy and glad to be involved in the process. That you are enjoying, helping them, that you love what you do, that you are making sure that they are having the best experience possible. This is all around customer service. You want those happy customers to be there who are going to be supportive of your business for the long run.

Businesses that have very long-term customers last longer. It’s much cheaper to keep an existing customer who is rebuying from you than to acquire a new one. Also, these clients and customers are spreading those referrals. They’re writing reviews for you where it matters. They’re bringing you business. Word of mouth is still the best form of marketing, the best way to get business. It’s also the cheapest. So by you having a customer who is paying you, out there spreading your word, it is not costing you anything. In fact, you are making money on that whole situation. How great is that?

And the last really great benefit of having wonderful customer service is that as these clients and customers are out there talking about how fantastic you and your business are. This is building the strength of your brand. And besides drawing in new customers, by having such a strong brand and having a great reputation, you also will become open to new partnerships and possibilities. You may get press, you may receive the opportunity to collaborate in cool situations. You might get invited to places that will help you with business. All based on your reputation, which comes from giving that great customer service.

So as you can see, customer service is one of the most important aspects of your business and one that you should not ignore. It’s also an inexpensive thing that you can do. It basically involves you caring about your customers. If you’re a talented, tiny business owner, you’re probably in this business because you love what you do. Because you love helping people either get a product or receive a service but to be helped in some way, by what you’re doing. You’re halfway there. You have that desire to want to do all of those things. So now make sure they know how much you appreciate them.

Make sure that in every transaction they see how much you are loving what you’re doing and care about them. Get out there and do the best you can to have excellent customer service. Remember it costs nothing to give great customer service as a talented, tiny business owner. And it can go the longest way of anything that you do.

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