How To Be Put Together

Do you often wish that you were one of those women who always showed up looking put together and feeling it as well? It really only takes a few small daily changes and knowing some great tricks to be that woman.

Episode #47 of Friday Live with Sierra goes into detail about this but to see the 10 ways to look pulled together and the 10 ways to feel pulled together in a quick list, keep reading. On a personal note, the above photo is me, before the interview that resulted in my having my own live tv show. It took only about 20 minutes to get ready, but I felt confident that I looked prepared. Better yet, I felt prepared and by the end of a brief conversation, was offered the show.

I want all women to look put together and feel confident in every aspect of life. It doesn’t matter if your day consists of being in an office, working from home, or chasing your kids around, we all need to feel our best and at times, look like we have it all together, even if we don’t. The next time you need to quickly pull yourself together, be it physically, mentally, or both, think of the following tips and tricks.

How To Look Pulled Together

1. Do your hair. Have a 5 minute go-to style that you don’t have to fuss over.

2. Wear clothes that are fitted to you and classically tailored (not skin tight, but styles like sheath dresses that skim your figure and flatter your shape

3. Make sure that there are no wrinkles, scuffs, rips, stains, lint or pet hair anywhere on you.

4. At the very least, fill in your brows and put on mascara and lipstick.

5. Put on a coat or a fabulous jacket. If it is cold out, you can even get away with keeping the coat on if you don’t have anything fabulous on underneath.

6. Wear shoes that are clean, polished and have the correct heel and proportions to your outfit.

7. Play up your smallest part. Use accessories to do this, such as a belt, scarf or statement jewelry.

8. Have well groomed nails.

9. Choose the right size handbag and make sure it is clean, scuff free and not over stuffed. Pro tip: The more voluminous your outfit, the smaller the bag.

10. Add statement pieces. Jewelry, scarves and hats make the outfit and you look instantly put together.

How To Feel Pulled Together

1. Establish a morning routine.

2. Have a 5 minute hair style and a 5 minute make up routine. You can take longer when you have time, but have these in your arsenal.

3. Put on clothes that are comfortable and fit well. Do not wear something you need to constantly adjust.

4. Take a few minutes for yourself. Wash your face, go for a walk or take a quick nap.

5. Check your posture. Stand or sit up straight.

6. Remind yourself that it’s ok not to be perfect.

7. Compliment yourself in the mirror or visit the jar of awesome. (Fill a jar with slips of paper on which you write down your small wins and successes on, when you need a boost, take a few out and remind yourself that you’re awesome)

8. Meditate, take deep breaths or listen to your anthem song.

9. Smile.

10. Stand on power pose. Think of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and you’re in the right pose.

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