How to Dress In Between Winter and Spring

We all get a little anxious as winter comes to a close and spring is not yet here to bring out the summer clothes. Here in Austin, we are quickly approaching spring, but in the colder states, I know you have a bit of time left. I used to switch my closet over in March when I lived in NY, but in late February I would start wanting to pull out a few of my favorite spring pieces or want to wear new purchases. So what is ok to wear early and how do you pull it off? You can check out Episode #45 of Friday Live with Sierra or read more below for tips, tricks and great ideas for dressing during that in-between time.

5 Tips For How To Mix Spring Clothes Into Your Winter Wardrobe

1. Mix items together.
An example: Pair flow-y dresses in not super summer colors or patterns with over the knee boots.
Pro tip: keep your accessories all the same season, so with a summer dress, pair winter accessories.

2. Mix fabrics.
Examples: Chunky sweaters and silky maxi skirts are a great example of this. As are winter suits with silky, summery blouses.

3. Layers.
This is the time of year to have fun with your layers!
An example: You can and probably need to pile it on if you are wearing lighter fabrics, so a t-shirt with a blazer could have a cardigan layered in between.

4. Color.
Bring in the lighter and brighter colors of spring, For inspiration, see the Pantone Spring 2018 colors above.
An example: Jewelry and accessories in more spring-like colors…or what about a necklace with spring flowers on it?

5. Lighten the layers.
Lose the heavyweight fabrics and layer thinner, more spring layers. Silk is a natural insulator and can be surprisingly warm as a bottom layer!
Examples: swap out your heavy coat for a trench, and play with open-toed booties.

Wondering which fabrics and styles you should be focusing on? Here is a quick guide to what is ready to be stored for winter, what is perfect for the in-between and what you should wait for spring to pull out of storage (or the back of the closet).

Pack away for next winter: wool; thick sweaters; heavy coats and parkas; turtlenecks; hats; gloves; snow boots; tweed.

Perfect for in-between: cardigans in light and bright silks and cashmere’s; cutout booties; mules with a chunky heel; floral tops; trench coats; long sleeve dresses in lighter fabrics; colorful scarves and jewelry.

Keep in storage until summer: spaghetti-strapped dresses; all light and bright pieces; strappy sandals and flip flops; shorts; accessories made with rattan and straw.

And finally for those of you itching to shop…

10 Timeless Transitional Pieces:

1. Chambray shirts
2. Long sleeve dresses
3. Pointy toe flats
4. Trench Coats
5. Long-sleeved striped shirts
6. Cardigans in lighter fabrics and colors
7. Cropped trousers
8. Silk scarves
9. Booties
10. Jewelry

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