How to Give Yourself A Style Makeover

Every so often, I feel like it’s time for a fresh start with my personal style. By this point, I have redone my look more times than I can count on my hands and I never regret the change. Are you in a style rut and want to make a fresh start? Let’s help you do it!

You can check out Episode #46 of Friday Live with Sierra to hear the details of my own past makeovers be walked through how to do it yourself or read more below for tips, tricks and great ideas for how to change your style.

Great Reasons To Change Your Style

1. You feel stuck, bored or frustrated with how you look.

2. A change of career. If you leave the corporate world for a non-profit business casual one, you’re going to at the very least, redo your work look.

3. Life change. Graduating from college, moving, divorce, these are all great reasons to freshen up your style.

4. Body change. Pregnancy, weight gain or loss, surgery (for example: I have scars in a line where the skirts I wore daily skirts would sit and now I prefer to not wear them) are all wonderful motivators to mix it up.

5. Location change. Changing climates is always a great reason to try a new look.

Now that we know the why, let’s get to the how!

How To Change Your Style

1. Get inspired. Start a Pinterest board or a folder in your desk drawer, flag IG photos, create a mood board. Whatever method you use, start to gather images of what you are drawn to. These can be outfits, hairstyles, colors, patterns, whatever inspires you!

2. Asses what looks best on you. Be honest with yourself and stop obsessing over a straight bob if you have curly hair and refuse to use a blow dryer. Think about where you go, what your work vibe is, what hobbies you have and how you spend your downtime. Be realistic about what you are getting dressed for.

3. Edit your closet. Give a good clean out of what you do not wear and take note of what you love the most. A great tip when cleaning out your closet is to keep in mind who you are donating to/selling for. Knowing that something expensive but that you have never worn is going to a good home/being sold to buy new clothes may make it easier to discard.

4. Decide what direction you want to go in and start to see if you have the clothes in your closet but just need a few new accessories and a hairstyle change. I recommend making some lists.

5. If you are overwhelmed, get help! You can enlist a friend or sister for help, or hire a stylist! There are so many wonderful professionals who can help you do this either in person or virtually with skype or something similar.

6. Get your hair cut and or colored.

7. Determine what makeup changes need to be made to go with your new look. Perhaps you changed your hair color and need a color change. Or if you went super short, you want more dramatic makeup. Head to a Sephora and get yourself a consultation.

8. Shop smart! Don’t fall back into your old shopping rut. Make sure you put thought into what you buy and that any new items match the new you.

9. Be sure to accessorize! Nothing updates a look faster than shoes, bags and jewelry.

10. Enjoy the new you!

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