How To Pair Your Jewelry with Your Outfit

How do you choose your jewelry when you’re getting dressed? Do you think that much about it or just put on the same pieces every day (if you’re a troutie, I highly doubt you do that? In Episode #54 of Friday Live with Sierra, I went to detail about this subject and will give you the highlights that I covered.

1. Create a visual story. Choose your jewelry and the patterns and colors of your clothes to tell a story. This is great to do with the jewelry from the menagerie. As an example, one of the trouties, Cynde, wears her spider necklace with floral prints.

2. A great way to work with a colorful outfit is to pick a color in your outfit (this works great with prints) to and wear jewelry in that color.

3. Each piece that you put on, be it jewelry or a blouse, should add value to the entire outfit. Under accessorizing is just as common as over accessorizing. Ask yourself two questions: Is it too much AND is it enough?

4. Make sure the metal tones and colors match both your skin tone and your clothing. Pay attention to the details of hardware on shoes and bags as well. Mixing metals is great, but it should be deliberate.

5. Pay attention to proportion. This applies to the proportion of the jewelry to your face as well as to your clothing. A great tip is that usually if something is off, your eye ill get stuck on it. Scan yourself in the mirror (or snap a mirror selfie) and you’ll usually see it quickly if something is not right.

6. Be sure that your jewelry is both outfit and occasion appropriate. The tone/style/time of day of an occasion are all factors. For example, the whimsical menagerie necklaces may not be the best decision to wear if you are a lawyer presenting in court. But they are fabulous for most other things! It’s ok to mix seasons and centuries with your style, just make sure that the contrast is complimentary.

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