How To: Store & Organize Your Jewelry

Episode #50 of Friday Live with Sierra is filled with great ideas for how to store your jewelry. For those of you who would rather read than watch, read on for an overview of what I discussed in the video.

What to use to store and organize your jewelry:

1. In drawers – shallow drawers seem to work best, but by using dividers, trays, boxes and other organizing methods, you can maximize any drawer space.

2. On the wall – there are both ready-made and diy methods that make wonderful storage/display options. You can use a bit of wall tucked out of the way in your closet, or turn your jewelry collection into works of art by displaying it openly.

3. In boxes – the classic jewelry box (or many boxes) is always an option, just make sure the inside is designed in a way that is useful to the jewelry you own.

4. On furniture – dressers can be adorned with numerous found objects that allow you to hang and store jewelry attractively. Mix different heights and a range of items such as boxes, bowls, trays and items to hang and drape jewelry over for the best visual interest. You can also purchase jewelry display items like busts and stands at craft stores.

5. In jewelry furniture – if you have a large budget and the space for it, there are cupboards and chests of drawers designed specifically for jewelry storage. There are also duel purpose items like mirrors that open to reveal storage as well.

Tips for storing and organizing your jewelry:

1. Always close clasps to prevent tangling.

2. Lids, doors and drawers will keep jewelry dust-free which helps to prevent tarnishing.

3. Be aware of the weight of the jewelry you are hanging. Statement jewelry with gemstones can be incredibly heavy, especially if you have a large collection. Make sure you hang things securely.

4. Rotate your collections so you are not always reaching for the same pieces.

5. Another way to encourage you to wear more items is to group together by color or style and change it up. This also makes the display more fun.

6. Have your jewelry perform double duty and become art on the walls when you’re not wearing it.

7. If you are purchasing organizers, always buy more than you need, especially if you are purchasing matching items. You can always return what you don’t use, but we all tend to underestimate what we’ll need when organizing a collection.

8. I like to change up the way I store things often so I don’t like to invest a great deal of money into storage options. It makes me feel better if a method I’m using is not working to move on from it quickly.

9. Look at non-traditional items for storage, such as in the kitchen and bath sections of stores, antique stores, flea markets and at using decor display pieces as storage and draping props.

10. Always leave room for new jewelry to be added in!

If you’re ready to organize but are looking for more ideas and like to be visually inspired, have a look at my Pinterest board all about jewelry storage and organization.

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