How your business can benefit from a blog

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There are 5 ways your business will benefit from a blog

I know that many of you are reading this thinking, what is this,15 years ago? We’re still talking about blogging, isn’t that dead? Blogging is not dead and it’s not too late to start a blog. Today, many tiny business owners think that social media is the magic potion for them to get their business some recognition. But the reality is that some of the most basic, yet tried-and-true methods are still the strongest. Networking, cultivating an email list and blogging are still three of the most powerful ways for you to make your business grow, be stronger, and have higher profits as well as more customers and clients. Today, we are going to focus on blogging.

What makes blogging so powerful? Keep reading for 5 beautiful examples of what blogging can accomplish for your tiny business.

One: Blogging creates powerful and organic SEO for your website.

If you are consistently writing 500 to 2000 words for the blog on your website, this is going to generate some powerful SEO. If you’re not aware, SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is responsible for your ranking in the search engines. Once upon a time, you could stuff your webpage and use meta-tags and do a lot of coding tricks to get your website a higher ranking. However, Google has become much smarter. And one of the best ways for you to get organic SEO is to blog.

Why? Because if you are talking about the things that your customers and clients are interested in, the things that will bring them value, you’re going to naturally be using the keywords that they’re going to search for. So if you’re writing articles on your website about what they want to know, guess who is going to find you when they go searching on their favorite search engine?

Two: Blogging will establish you as an authority in your space

This is especially important if you are in the service-providing industries because if you are an authority, it will escalate the know, like, and trust factor. Which in turn will make people want to work with you. If you have a product-based business, and are either creating these products yourself, having them made for you, or getting them manufactured, you want to be seen as an authority by the people that can give you attention.

You want people that would give you press, that would invite you on their podcasts, that would put you on their new show, and who are influencers who would want to wear or own or use, and most importantly, talk about your products to trust you so that they will give you attention. By becoming an authority, you instantly go up the ladder to the top in the minds of all of the people, not just your clients and customers who can help your business succeed.

Three: Blogging drives traffic to your website

People are not hanging out on blogs like they used to. Very rarely are people really commenting and engaging on blogs, but they do hang out on places like LinkedIn and Facebook, and Pinterest. So if you are syndicating your blog posts as articles on LinkedIn, creating graphics representing your posts to share across all social media from TikTok to Twitter, or sharing your posts, it is drawing attention to your posts and therefore your website.

This is a wonderful way to drive traffic to your website, besides purely from the search engine optimization aspect. It’s giving people a reason to be there often, and when they are on your website, they will naturally see what else is there.

Four: Blogging provides value to your customers and clients

By providing value, you make them want to come back and continue to pay attention to you. If you have items that run out and replenish, such as skincare or food or something that can be purchased over and over and over again, this helps you stay top of mind. If you create things that people can collect and have lots of, like jewelry or books or things, it’s a great way to remind them to look at what you offer. For almost all services, it’s been proven that having a repeat customer is much cheaper to obtain than getting new customers.

If you’re providing value in these blog posts, it’s a fantastic way to stay top of mind. It also gives you great content for social media to keep your followers engaged.

Five: Blogging generates leads

Back to that know, like, and trust. If you are seen as an authority and if you remain top of mind with valuable content, people will visit your website and become part of your funnel. Be sure and have a call-to-action to sign up for your email list at the bottom of your website, so they see it every time they read a post. This leads to engaged followers which leads to customers.

And that is the whole point of all of owning businesses. You need customers and clients, or you do not have a business.

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