Increasing Your Revenue

Do you wish that you were making more money in your business? Did you know that there are only four ways to increase your revenue? Really four ways today, we’re going to discuss what they are and how you can increase your revenue in your business.

Here is what’s covered in this episode:

  1. The 4 ways to increase your revenue.
  2. How to increase the number of your customers.
  3. Understanding your target audience and who you’re selling to.
  4. Generating leads.
  5. How to increase your transaction size.
  6. How to increase the frequency of transactions per customer.
  7. How to increase your prices.

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The Doers Shakers Makers podcast is hosted and produced by me, business educator and talented, tiny business expert, Sierra Bailey. Did this episode inspire you? Send me an email and let me know how!

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