Inner Running Dialogue


I sometimes wish I could record what I think about during the 35 minutes that I run. The good news is that because I’m so busy thinking these deep thoughts and focusing on what I’m doing mean that its the only part of my day where I am not thinking about work…and that’s amazing in itself.  The amount of back and forth with myself on why I don’t want to/am so glad I am doing it is however, pretty amusing. I decided to try and recreate what goes through my head in 10 deep thoughts…because that seemed like an awesome idea when I was amped up on my runners high.

1. Ugh. I’d be so much happier inside where it’s warm and I’d have the internet to distract me. Why do I do this to myself, and why do I start by out running up a hill…arghhhhh.

2. Oh wow…I’m so glad running right now, this feels great and I am running like the wind!! Look at me go…I am graceful like a deer…prance, prance, prance.

3. This sucks. I want to lie down now. I could still turn around and go home. I’m not even half way done…stop being such a wimp! Now I will make myself sprint across all breaks in the sidewalk for roads…thats for whining, punk!

4. Is that guy slowing down, if he jumps out to attack me will I have enough energy to run away? Is anyone home on this street so I can run to their house for help if he does? If I’m already running, won’t I be running faster than him no matter what because of bodies at rest vs bodies in motion principles (AP physics at work, bitches!). If I scream, will anyone help me???

5. Oh, he’s just turning into his driveway. My bad.

6. I think I watch too many crime tv shows. Yessss, I just remembered there are new episodes of Dexter on Netflix…awesome! So odd that Julia Stiles is in it, is that a step down for her, or a good career move…what was the last thing she did anyway?

7. Woo hoo, only 1 mile left to go!!!

8. Because I was such a wimp earlier, I now will sprint the last minute.

9. Why is this not over, why am I sprinting, what was I thinking??? Arggghhhhh..I want to stop…I am gargling my heart like Jillian Micheals says I have to be healthy…this is torture!!! Arrrgggghhhhh…just 30 more seconds…you can do it…ruuuuuuuunnnnnn…5…4…3…2…1…

10. I’m shaking, I want to throw up, but I did not die. I am so thankful that I don’t have to do that again until Sunday.

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