Is It A Habit or A Goal?

Are you curious about the difference between a habit and a goal? Are you setting goals that challenge you enough?

You can read the transcription of this episode here or download the pdf.

In this episode of Doers Shakers Makers, I talk about habits and goals. How they differ from one another and why it is so important for them to work together in tandem.

Here is what’s covered:

  1. The difference between habits and goals.
  2. What the downsides can be of goal setting.
  3. Why habits are so important for success.
  4. Why together, goals and habits make magic.
  5. Examples of real-life goal, habits, and tasks.

Curious about those 43 Things that are the most popular goals, but are really HABITS!

Get inspired by Jack Canfield’s 101 LIfetime Goal list.

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Hosted by Business Strategist & Marketing Specialist, Sierra Bailey.

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