Manic Trout is now closed.

Thank you for 15 wonderful years! Due to a combination of burn out, aching hands and needing a new challenge, I decided to close the business in 2018. You can read more about this decision in this post where I wrote in depth about it. It was not an easy choice to make, but I am really happy with it in the end.

What am I doing now? I help talented, tiny business owners have the business they want be it big or small. I do this by providing tools, resources, and support through one on one consulting, the Doers Shakers Makers Network membership group, and the podcast, blog and Facebook group. If you want to find out more, explore the menu above!

p.s. if you miss Manic Trout, there is still a bit of jewelry available in the Etsy shop. If you make jewelry, there is also a shop where all of the surplus gemstones, tools and materials are being sold. 

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