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Do you have a marketing plan for your business? In the simplest of terms, this means that you have planned out your marketing strategies for a specific amount of time, with your goals, timeline and costs included in the plan. It should include how you will measure the results and not be mapped out so far in the future that you are unable to stop what is not working to try something new. It should also be varied acros multiple areas of marketing.

So, when it comes to marketing where do you start? As always, with where you are right now. Evaluate where you currently stand and then where you want to be. If you are unsure of your target audience, this should be decided before you dive in so you are putting your time and money where your people are.

Once you have decided the areas to market, decided how you will track your progress in each area so you have measurable results. This will help you when the time comes to create the next plan. You can get rid of what is proving not to work and do more of what is. Whole of course always trying new things along the way.

So what are the areas to choose from? Well, it’s believed that everyone who wants to be successful in their industry or profession should be using the following seven areas of marketing in some way. If you are a new or tiny business, start with three. As you evaluate where you currently are, you may find that you are already doing more than you think. Or not. Whatever you choose, all of your marketing should work together and be “stacked” to provide the most value for your efforts.

The Seven Areas of Marketing

1. Advertising: From google ads and retargeting ads to print to video. This area can cost a lot and quickly so be sure to have a plan. Your ads should have a screaming headline and include a single CTA (call-to-action).

2. Direct Mail: postcards, letters (Realtors are often great at these). Think about what makes you want to open things. Use the space on the envelopes to your advantage and use color. Education based is best.

3. Company Literature: brochures and promotional pieces, reports and white papers. Again, draw from education.

4. Public Relations: articles about and by you in publications. press releases, trade publication mentions, tv interviews etc.

5. Personal Contact: salespeople and customer service. This area has the greatest impact, If you are a tiny business, you are these people.

6. Market/Customer Education: speaking engagements, podcasts, blog posts, trade shows, educations based marketing. This area gives you the most to build on and create marketing stacks from.

7. Internet: website, email, affiliates, webinars and social media. The aim is to capture leads and build relationships. If you’re a niche business in a very specific industry, like the cannabis industry, you might want to consider using a specialist marketing agency to help you with your digital marketing needs. They will be able to provide you with marijuana seo, amongst other related services that could help you improve your online presence.

Now that you know the seven areas, I have another seven for you. The Rule of Seven. This was the number that it was said a person had to see your offer before they took action. Now with the amount of information we encounter every day, it is said to be twenty. That means a single potential customer or client has to see your offer TWENTY times before they do anything about it, even click on your website.

This is why the idea of stacking your marketing is so important as is why branding is essential. You have to make an impact to stand out today.

To dig in a little deeper to this subject, have a listen to the Doers Shakers Makers podcast episode: Marketing Plans. The episode covers all of this and what will be covered in next week’s article about How Much You Should Spend on your marketing.

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