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Today I answer the top two questions you ask the most about marketing your tiny and small businesses. Where should you be marketing and how much should you be spending? These are both great questions and although they, of course, are specific to your business, there are basic rules of thumb that can help to guide you.

You can read the transcription of this episode here or download the pdf.

In this episode of Doers Shakers Makers, it’s all about Marketing Plans and what should be in yours. Filled with examples, specifics and even equations, this episode will clear up much of the mystery about how you spend your time and money in marketing your business.

Here is what’s covered:

  1. The 7 areas of marketing.
  2. What a CTA is.
  3. How much to spend on marketing.
  4. What a tiny business compared to a huge business should focus on.
  5. What ROI and COA are.
  6. The number of times a person has to see your name/product or service before they take action has tripled.

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