One Person Marketing Strategy

What is one of the questions that talented, tiny business owners ask me the most? Who can do their social media for them? And the answer to that…is complicated.

The short side of it though, is that it is very expensive to hire people to do your social media for you. Why? Because it is a time-consuming task and people will charge, as they should, a living wage for doing it. Besides being potentially expensive to hire out, it’s not always the answer to outsource this task. Being the person in conversation with your people is essential and you may get a great benefit if you do it yourself. Especially if you are a talented, tiny business owner.

What you can do though, is have a plan in action for doing your own social media. If you are doing all of your own marketing, your social media is really a small part of that. So it’s not as simple as just handing out the social media and having your marketing done. You’re still doing a lot of the tasks. So how can you make it a little bit easier running the one-person marketing show?

The first part is to plan. I like to take a look at a quarter, three months, at a time. No more than that. I like to map out what the upcoming holidays are, what my upcoming perhaps product or service releases are. All of the things that I know will be happening in that quarter. It’s why I like to do that in a quarter, not a year, because sometimes with a year, things are too far out. However, if you do know things a year in advance, it can greatly help you to be aware of those.

When I was in the product business as a jewelry designer, I was working really on the next quarter from where I was now in my release schedule. With your business, you may also be a quarter ahead as you’re planning as well, but this system still works. By planning out a quarter at a time, you then can, once a month spend a shorter amount of time putting together that specific plan for the weeks that are coming.

At this point on a personal level, I spend about an hour once a month, planning things out for that month. I use a paper planner and I actually write out every single one of the daily questions that I’m going to ask in my Facebook group in the calendar. I write what the subjects of the videos that I’m going to make for the next month are in each week. By planning out, you’re basically breaking up that work into chunks.

Once I have my monthly plan, I’ve created an outline of my big ideas. I’m aware of the important dates that are coming up. I know the release timelines and all the things like that. I start to look at what days am I going to be posting on what content is going to come out on and on. An hour per quarter and an hour per month save tens of hours each week.

The second part is to be strategic. I always suggest that you have three social media platforms that you are focusing on for your business. The first is where you’re going to be anyway. And the other two are where your people are. So you’re not trying to post on all of them. You of course can have your name, your handle on every platform. But you don’t have to be posting.

On the three platforms that you are posting on, you should be regularly engaging and regularly posting. Now you may in your quarterly and monthly plan decide that every single Tuesday, you’re going to post a video. Every single Thursday, you’re going to share the blog posts that you’ve published. Things like that can be your constant, your big rocks in your weekly schedule. And then you can add the other things in there later.

It’s also great to have 10 to 15 buckets of the subjects for your regular content.15 different categories that you’re drawing content from to know what areas that you can get information from to engaging with your people. They can be things like selfies, your dog, your products, behind the scenes, and on and on.

The other part of being strategic is to also have one regular type of content that you’re creating every week. If you are not yet doing this, focus on getting one going before the next one starts, it’s great for your sanity of your one person show to not try and start multiple types of weekly content all at once.

I create a weekly video, and then I repurpose it to be this blog post that then I can share and post into other areas and syndicate. So using one type of content like a video creates a variety of information. I repurpose as much as I can.

The third part is to schedule in advance as much as you can. I an hour each week on scheduling. Scheduling out all of the questions that I post daily in my Facebook group. I spend that time making sure that my content is ready. Let’s say from that video, I have all of the graphics for the different platforms. I have the transcription ready for the captions. Everything is ready so that when it comes to the day of posting, it’s either already scheduled or I have it all together and just have to post.

And then of course, besides scheduling out posts and content, I have scheduled time to work on my marketing. Remember that marketing is beyond social media. I like to think of the Holy Trinity of marketing for talented, tiny business owners as networking, social media and content creating. Using social media to keep in touch with your network, and then you are creating content so that you have something to share on social media.

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