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Freshly painted, happy toes

You know those days when you just feel like you are the opposite of having your life together? Sometimes it seems beyond all hope, and I just mope through the rest of the day. But most of the time I’ve found that if I force myself to do one the following things, I’ll at least have a bit of motivation to get back on track. I wanted to pull this list together for two reasons. First is that I want them all in one place for my own reference and second, maybe you will one day fond this list helpful too.

If you only can muster 5 minutes of energy:

  • Cuddle. Significant others, kids, pets, besties…grab your nearest and dearest and squeeze for 5 minutes. Bonus points if you laugh or cry during this cuddle as both can be incredibly stress relieving.
  • Sit outside in the sun. Sometimes a dose of vitamin can work wonders.
  • Turn up your favorite song and dance. Get the blood flowing, sing off key at the top of your lungs…basically just dance like no bodies watching.
  • Do super hero pose. You’ll be amazed how you feel you can take on the world afterwards.
  • Wash dishes. This is not so much about the dishes, but the water. Playing in water is incredibly soothing. If you have more time, get in a shower, bath, pool, pond, ocean or any other body of water. Water is incredibly cathartic.

If you have 30 minutes to spare:

  • Paint your toe or finger nails. This sounds silly, but simply removing old polish, trimming your nails and adding fresh paint can make you feel instantly better. You’ll feel pulled together and will smile every time you see the shiny, pretty color!
  • Walk the dog(s). You’ll both feel better, so it’s a win win.
  • Empty all the garbages, put away the clutter, fluff the couch pillows. This is not for everyone, but for me, when my house is in order, all feels ok in the world.
  • Make a cup of tea, turn off your phone and relax with a great book for 30 minutes. This I’m sure would also work with meditation or just silence. But the idea is shut off the noise and reset.
  • Write it down. Open your favorite place to write and let all of your words come rushing out of your brain. Literally empty yourself of the chatter.

If you have an hour or more:

  • Exercise. I give more than an hour here so you don’t feel rushed. There is no better stress release than a good workout.
  • Wander around your favorite time wasting, inspiring store. For me it’s Home Goods or the book section of Goodwill. It’s not really about the shopping, I more often than not spend under $50, but more about the inspiration. Something about the hunt for treasures in both of these places makes me enjoy them immensely. I also get inspired by reading the backs of the books and seeing so many colors, textures and designs in Home Goods.
  • Call one of your tribe. Those people in your life who you can be on the phone with for over an hour without realizing it and always feel happy when you hear their voice.
  • Have a lunch date with a favorite gal pal. I cherish my lunches and schedule as many as I can each month to get me out of my routine, talk through projects and not feel so isolated in my studio.
  • Make a plan. Sometimes just allowing yourself a good block of time to sit down with your planner and a pencil will make you feel less chaotic. Take a deep breath and write down what you need to do in actionable steps and in increments of time that are 1 hour or less. Remind yourself that you’ve got this!

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