Random Deep Thoughts from The Past Week

I also had a "Deep Doodle" this week.

1. As a designer, there is no better feeling than having customers who not only “gets you” and shows this by buying tons of your work, but want to tell everyone they meet about you. Its really important that these are the people you listen to when they have feedback. Just a small handful of these customers can give you more insight than hundreds of so so ones.

2. As important as it to have these customers, its even more wonderful when you can hang out with them for an hour or so. They make your job magical.

3. When you do hang out with these people, you will never remember to take a photo with them.

4. Anyone who was obsessed with Swatch Watches in the 80’s will probably be a fan of Manic Trout.

5. You should always make sure your underwear is not visible though your clothes before you leave the house.

6. Dana Scully says “I’m a medical doctor.” in every episode of the The X-Files.

7. Two dogs create an alarming amount of hair around the house compared to one.

8. If one does not drink alcohol, its only right that dessert is consumed more often.

9. A month of rain does wonders for plants.

10. Most of the last week has had me thinking one thought though…floods = fecal matter everywhere.

* I not only had all of these deep thoughts this week, but I had a deep doodle too!


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