Revenue Streams

When you hear revenue streams, do you know what that means? If you own a business, it could mean the difference between profits and loss. In this episode, we’re talking about revenue streams and what that means for tiny businesses. Having multiple revenue streams can add up to huge results, and they’re a must for the success of tiny businesses.

Here’s what is covered in this episode:
1. Examples of traditional revenue streams.
2. Where to start when you want to add a revenue stream to your business.
3. Types of revenue streams for businesses.
4. Business example #1.
5. Business example #2.
6. Business example #3.
7. Tips for adding revenue streams to your business.

This episode is sponsored by the Doers Shakers Makers Network, a membership group for talented, tiny business owners.

The Doers Shakers Makers podcast is hosted and produced by business strategist, writer, and speaker, Sierra Bailey. Did this episode inspire you or you want to say hi? Send Sierra an email.

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