Consulting SessionS

For Tiny Business Owners

One-Hour Consulting Session


Let’s do this!

  • Get business advice from an expert who understands and respects tiny businesses, solopreneurs, and creatives.
  • Learn practices that will help you grow your business and stay sane, from time management to marketing.
  • Understand how to use technology to grow your business and not get overwhelmed while doing it.

Do you wish you could sit down and talk with an expert who “gets” you and your business? I know I have wished for that countless times over the years and that need drove me to want to offer this service.

To each private session, I bring over 20 years of experience and my vast knowledge gained from researching, writing about, and studying tiny businesses.

You bring your current problem, dilemma, and all of your questions. Together, we will find the solutions that are the right fit for you.

You can book a single session or a series. It all begins by clicking below.

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