Set a Habit in 2019

Do you make resolutions? I go back and forth on this one. As soon as the word “resolution is used, I tend to set a ridiculous amount of vague goals that I shout out at random as they pop into my head. But I do like to take advantage of the power of a fresh calendar and set a habit for the year. And maybe a word get’s tossed in too, just to be more festive.

For the past few years, I have been using New Year’s day to start off a habit that I can set using the Seinfeld method. Jerry Seinfeld has famously talked about that if you want to a writer than you need to write every day. He explains that you should mark an X on your calendar every day that you write. As you accumulate days, it makes a chain. Whatever you do, do not break the chain!

It’s a great tool for those of who are visual and although the habit will set in about 66 days, I will keep it up for the year. This is how I became a die-hard morning page + gratitude journal keeper a few years ago (I still do it, every single day, no matter where I am) and how I added meditation into my day last year. I will note that I started meditating in March, and was sad all year that I didn’t have a full chain…which is why I bring it up. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment for a tiny action each day.

Maybe there’s something you want to start that is perfect for this? I always begin in December so I get the ball rolling and take the pressure off January 1st. This year I am sending a handwritten thank you note every day. It seems like a good year to step up my normal thank you note game.

Are you going to try this?

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