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Ideas of topics commonly covered. Do you have something specific you’d like to have presented on as a keynote or workshop topic? Let’s start a conversation below.


Speaking Topic: Goal Setting

The process of goal setting is about exactly that, the process. Setting goals and working towards reaching them provides us with purpose, challenge, and fulfillment. Sierra Bailey loves to encourage people to start setting big goals and watching their work and lives transform in doing so. In her keynote talk, hear about how her lack of goals resulted in burnout in her business and, why she so firmly believes that goals are essential to mental well being. You’ll find yourself motivated by her energy and enthusiasm for how goals can have such an impact on people. 


Speaking Topic: The Who, What, When and How About Scaling and Why It Matters To Your Business.

If you want to build a business beyond your being the principle decision maker, expand to more locations, or one day sell the business then you would need to scale. However, many of the tenants of scaling, such as implementing systems, can make a business of any size run more efficiently regardless of how much you want to grow. Join Sierra Bailey as she explains the who, what, when, and how of scaling and why even if you’re not looking to scale your business right now, you should understand the principles. 


Speaking Topic: Boundaries are the building blocks to success

We often assume that if we are unavailable 27/7 that business will go elsewhere. That however is a lie that needs to be crushed. Setting boundaries in business will provide you with success and sanity. In this session, Sierra Bailey will explain what exactly boundaries are and why you need them. You’ll learn techniques for setting effective boundaries, examples to inspire you, and how to respectively say no, and why “no” is a complete sentence.   


Speaking Topic: Burnout, Pivoting and How It's Part of Your Story.

Burnout and career change are becoming more and more common. How do you include these in your story? What do you do with your social media if you pivot from one business to another? Sierra Bailey went through a major burnout last year which resulted in leaving a business built over 15 years and starting a new one. She made the story of her burnout part of the exit strategy and was able to keep her 13k+ facebook fans on board as she went from a jewelry brand to a business consultant. Are you worried that you will lose your following if you pivot? This session will deep dive into burnout, pivoting and how to move forward.

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